MCAC has enjoyed strong professional membership in the Omaha Metro since 1991.  For 26 years MCAC has provided low-cost professional development tailored to meet the unique needs of professionals and agencies serving children experiencing abuse and neglect.  As a membership group MCAC has pursued strong and public advocacy for the prevention of child abuse, child neglect, sexual abuse treatment, therapy resources and most recently with excessive school absenteeism.  MCAC has also published timely newsletters keeping professionals advised on new initiatives, trainings and resources for families, as well as legislative communication on laws that impact children, families and the agencies that serve them.

In 2017 the MCAC Board began making arrangements with Project Harmony to transition its professional development opportunities into a more coordinated community effort that avoids duplication.  For many years Project Harmony assisted MCAC with registration technology, meeting space and training space for it's Friday programs, January kick-off motivational speakers and the August annual conference.  This transition is complete.  MCAC members will now be receiving training notifications via email from Project Harmony's wide array of training events.

MCAC is transitioning its prevention committee to operate independently.   The prevention committee has plans to continue the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign, April Child Abuse Awareness Month activities, Community Cafes, the annual Safety Expo, and with its own leadership and in tandem with other national and regional initiatives.

The MCAC Truancy Committee began transitioning its leadership to the School-Based Attendance Coalition (SBAC) in 2012.  The SBAC is now the 'hub' for monthly multi-agency collaboration meetings, resource mapping, school policy information, leadership for September Attendance Awareness Month activities, and School Refusal Assessment Scale (SRAS) training.  MCAC was instrumental in establishing the SBAC as a backbone organization to support a model of Collective Impact in the Omaha Metro.

This website, with its history of prevention programs, previous newsletters, board and committee chair contact information, and truancy resources will remain up and running, as-is, during this transition so that MCAC members may continue to use it for professional development ideas, child abuse prevention ideas, and downloadable resources.

Thank you to the MCAC Board, previous committee chairs, and all MCAC members who served and participated throughout the span of MCACs coordination efforts over the past 26 years. 

What is the purpose of MCAC?


MCAC Advocates for the right of children to a safe and healthy upbringing


MCAC coordinates community efforts to assist families and protect children


MCAC seeks to educate community members about child maltreatment


MCAC engages in child abuse prevention and intervention efforts





The mission of MCAC is to ensure the safety of children and prevent child abuse through the organized efforts of child and family advocates from diverse disciplines who provide awareness, education, coordination, and advocacy to professionals who impact the lives of children.




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